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Summer's Not Over Yet Checklist


Although the shelves are filled with cozy sweaters and school supplies, summer is not over YET! To help get the most out of these last summer days, we’ve made a checklist of everything ACAI-ummm to do before the leaves change.

1. Finish your summer read…or start?

2. Be generous with your…

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Did some filming today, keep an eye out for our next Random Acts of Kindness video!

A random guy told me I was beautiful today and gave me a flower. We should all do random acts of kindness every day and love each other more 💜🌹😊

Grocery Store Employee Ties Elder Patron’s Shoes, Act of Kindness Goes Viral
Celebrities aren’t the only ones to practice random acts of kindness.
	Earlier this month, Keith Kiel ..

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9 Random Acts of Kindness That You Can Do At Work



Today is Monday, the most hated day of the week. You are tired and dragging yourself to work. Everyone is rushing and no one wants to be bothered. Even if you are super busy here are 9 random acts of kindness you can do today.

1) Be patient: Try not to huff and puff while the older person…

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"Sometimes the most healing gift we can give someone is to just be a witness to the pain and chaos of their life experiences. Certainly we are incapable of explaining why the big mysteries come upon us as they do. There are times when offering explanations even adds to the confusion. Sometimes the wisest position to take is to let a friend pour out her sorrow and rage, her anger and fear - listen to the big scream - and not flinch. Just listen and let the shock waves run over you like the sounds of screaming children who will gradually calm down and fall asleep from exhaustion. Painful life passages are exhausting, especially when mixed with mystery. You don’t know when they will end - and you can even begin to believe they will never end. But they always come to an end. Screaming children always stop screaming - even the loudest ones. But you can begin to believe they can actually scream forever - and they can’t tell you why. It’s a mystery. You can only do your best to make sure nothing is seriously wrong and then make them as comfortable as possible. But imagine if you were not there… how traumatic would that be for that child? Or for a friend’ inner child that is absorbing the fear of a life transition? We are all standing in the Witness position of someone or something. It is a powerful place to stand." - Caroline Myss (via liquid-diamonds-flowing)

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