Be kind, you can save someone's life. The Army of the Kind

So what’s your random act of kindness going to be today??…I have one up my sleeve! #goodmorning #randomactofkindness #bekind #love
Anonymous asked: A year ago, I contemplated suicide... But an unexpected message from a cute girl who I've never met prevented that. A single act of random kindness is the reason I'm still breathing. I have you to thank for that. I've noticed that you seem sad right now and it breaks my heart to see you suffer. Pretty girls don't deserve stress, they deserve compliments and admiration. You are not alone. You are not unnoticed.


Wow I never thought I’ve ever made an impact like that in anyone’s life, and Im fine, thank you very much for checking in on me. It really truly means a lot:) You should come off anon so I can fully thank you 

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 I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday and I saw a woman ask at the counter where the $25 gift certificates were and didn’t think anything of it. But then I saw the woman turn and give it to the little girl who was next in line with her mom, who she obviously didn’t know and it made the kid so happy, she started waving it around. I love witnessing random acts of kindness.

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One day at around sunset I was walking into the grocery store and I was really sad about something kind of dumb and trying not to cry and this random man in the parking lot yelled to me from across the way, “Wow! Look at that sky! Isn’t that beautiful!” And it was.

And suddenly I felt a lot better.

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for AP Psych we have to do a random act of kindness, so today I went to the library and put these sticky notes in a copy of the first volume of Sailor Moon. 

I know I won’t see the next reader’s reaction but it’s exciting to think about how they might react.


I think I’m going to try to do a random act of kindness every day for a month. But, since I am a college student with no income to speak of at the moment, I need some ideas that require small or no amounts of money. Okay! Lay ‘em on me?

1. Call someone who isn’t expecting you to
2. Hold the door open for someone
3. Place quarters in gum-ball machines for kids to find
4. Tell your parents you love them.
5. Send a letter to one of your friends at another college telling them how awesome they are
6. Sincerely compliment people
7. Pour the water at dinner or ask everyone if they need something else
8. Write inspirational post it notes and hang them in the bathroom
9. Don’t complain about anything for a day.
10. Throw away trash you see on the floor.
11. Write a thank-you note to a teacher who has inspired you.
12. Go out and volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.
13. Smile at everyone you pass by.
14. Treat a friend to an ice cream or coffee.
15. Leave a small present outside a dorm mate’s or friend’s door.
16. Send nice anonymous messages on tumblr.
17. Eat Lunch with someone new
18. Offer a hug
19. Offer your seat to someone
20. Let someone go in front of you
21. Make positive small talk with strangers
22. Offer free babysitting
23. Share inspiring quotes
24. Visit someone who is lonely
25. Make cookies for the staff at your school
26. Comfort someone who is upset
27. When you see someone that needs help don’t ask if they need help, rather say: “Let me give you a hand!”
28.Leave your change in a vending machine
29. Give a copy of one of your favorite books to a friend
30. Mail pictures of yourself to your grandparents.

-Good Luck!!- Also, there are many ideas on this blog that you could accomplish!

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